Showrooming Simplified

ShopMe helps you find the best e-commerce prices for items you find in physical stores. Just scan, pay, and go!

Always get the best deal

Overpriced prices, lack of variety, and out of stock items - these are just a few of the drawbacks of shopping in-store. We get it though: you want to physically see the items before buying it. When you do buy it, you want to make sure that you get the best deal possible. 

ShopMe does just that and more

Save up to 30% with most major brands

You can use ShopMe to showroom in almost every retailer in your area whether it's fashion, books, electronics, and even furniture. 

The easiest showrooming experience ever

A simple and intuitive user experience

All your favourite stores in one app

Paperless receipts

Pay directly through the app

No ads, no unnecessary features, just the easiest showroom experience possible

ShopMe works with most major retailers anywhere in the world

No need to go to the cashier. Just pay through the app using a variety of payment methods

After every purchase, a digital receipt is automatically generated for reference

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The best e-commerce prices for in-store items

ShopMe automates the entire showrooming process from item discovery to delivery

Scan the barcodes of the items you want to buy

Our AI recommends the best places online to buy those items from

ShopMe places the orders for you automatically

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