ShopMe turns your phone into a self-checkout device so you can do your shopping more quickly, safely, and easily. Just scan, pay, and go!

Queues Suck

Imagine this: You’re at your favorite store doing your weekly shopping. You were able to get everything that you wanted to buy but there’s one big problem: the queues. You end up waiting 10, 20, even 30 minutes in line and by the end of it, you’re exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed.

Trust us, we’ve been there too.

Skip the Line

Instead of waiting in line, why not just scan the barcodes of the items that you want to buy through an app, pay directly through your phone, and skip the line? Imagine doing this in all of your favorite stores, with just one app?

Try us at the Mall of the Netherlands

We’ve partnered with the biggest shopping mall in the Netherlands to bring you the most seamless shopping experience in the country. Try self-checkout in multiple stores within the mall and skip the lines for good. Sign up now for our waitlist and be notified when we are live!

The Easiest Checkout Experience Ever

A simple and intuitive user experience

Your favorite stores under one app

Paperless Receipts

Multiple payment methods supported

No ads, no unnecessary features, just the most seamless checkout experience possible

Instead of downloading an app for every retailer, access all stores with just one download

Pay with ShopMe through iDEAL, your credit card, PayPal, and a variety of other payment methods

After every purchase, a digital receipt is automatically generated for reference.

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Checkout in 4 Easy Steps

No ads, no unnecessary features, and no gimmicks. Just an intuitive and easy to use app

Choose the store

Scan the barcode of your items to add to cart

Pay through the app

Download your receipt and skip the line

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